Florida's tax-free, back-to-school shopping weekend is taking place from Friday, August 1st, through Sunday, August 3rd.


Back-to-school shoppers can take advantage of sales many stores are staging for the holiday.


Tax-free items are clothing and footwear $100 or less, school supplies $15 or less, and computers and certain electronics $750 or less.


Local financial advisor Richard Ehrlich from Secure Wealth Planning Group has some tips to help keep families from breaking the bank with back to school shopping.


Ehrlich says research shows families are shopping the wrong way by spreading out the shopping days.


It turns out that actually increases average spending.


Ehrlich recommends making a shopping list with a budget and a plan to get all the shopping done in one day, emphasizing that the sales-tax holiday is definitely a good time to save money.


Ehrlich says there are other strategies to saving, though, including waiting on things your child does not need right away.


You can hold off for clearance sales that come up after Labor Day.


To see the state's full list of tax-free items, click here.


A back-to-school budget worksheet is available here.