The boyfriend of an Oakland Park teen is now charged in her murder.

Broward Sheriff's deputies arresting 26-year-old Bobby Scott who's charged with 1st-degree murder.

Jealously is believed to be the motive.

An autopsy shows 17-year-old Amaya Cruz died of blunt force trauma. 

Deputies say the duo had been arguing over texts.

Once Amaya went home that morning, she was supposed to notify her friend that she had arrived home safely.

That notification was never made.

Detectives believe Scott confronted Cruz outside her home that morning, killing her just feet from her front door. After the murder, Scott knocked on the door of Cruz’s home looking for her. Cruz’s brother told him she wasn’t home.

Moments later, Scott would bang on that door again, this time urging the family to call 911 because he found Cruz injured.

She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Credit-Broward Sheriff's Office