Millennials are very cautious with their long-term investments.

   A survey says 39 percent of 18 to 29 year olds are most likely to keep their long-term investments in savings accounts and low-interest CD's.

   Bankrate analyst Greg McBride says it means their investments aren't even keeping up with inflation.

    Millennials are worried about stock market volatility and job security issues very early in their careers.

    Many watched their parents lose their retirement investments in the stock market crash.

    The survey shows Americans in general are risk-averse when it comes to how they invest their money.

    One in four Americans prefer cash investments for money they won't need for at least 10 years. 

   Real estate investing came in at 23 percent.

   Investing in stocks rounded out the top three options with 19 percent.

   Photo credit: Mark Wilson / 2013 Getty Images