HRABOVE, Ukraine (AP) _ Four days after a Malaysian airliner was downed over eastern Ukraine, pro-Moscow separatists have allowed a train carrying remains to leave the area.

They've also handed over the plane's black boxes.

Russia's Defense Ministry says it has seen no evidence a missile was fired and denied involvement.

Fighting between rebels and Ukrainian forces has flared again near the site of the crash.

Closer to home President Obama calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to compel separatists to cooperate in the investigation.

Broward College Political Science Professor Helena Yeaman says the pressure will continue to mount as the U-N Security Council unanimously approves a resolution calling for an international investigation into the shootdown.

"I don't know how much this is a test of the West," continues Yeaman, "Or how much it is, just a desire to revive the kind of  Russian nationalistic dream that keept resurfacing throughout history."