The new map isn't constitutional.

That's the message coming from a state voter coalition asking a judge to reject the new redistricting map approved by the legislature.

The League of Women Voters and other groups are filing court papers asking for a judge to impose a remedial plan for the upcoming elections.

Dierdre Macnab with the League of Women Voters says the process was not transparent.

"The public was in the dark, the minority party was in the dark," says Macnab, "I think the result was once again very unsatisfactory and we believe unconstitutional."

The new map had to be re-drawn after a judge ruled the current ones unfairly benefit Republicans.

But Macnab says the redrawing special session was done unfairly.

"What they did was they decided what the maps would be in a room of two legislators which did not require them to have public notice and records of what happened," adds Macnab.

A hearing is set for Wednesday to determine whether the new map will be adopted.

(Photo: Mark Wallheiser / 2012 Getty Images)