Myrka Dellanos salió a defender a su hija de las críticas

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✨ NOTE: I am still very swollen in this video! This is NOT how my lips will look. This was is all filmed a few hours after the procedure. ✨ After months of searching for something to eliminate the appearance of my under-eye dark circles, I finally found the amazing @DrJohnMichaelThomassen who not only corrected my dark under-eye circles but also added a little filler to my lips for a more plump look. 👄 Dr. Thomassen used Restylane Silk under my eyes during this non-surgical procedure that lasted only 15 minutes. I could hardly feel a thing. Then, he enhanced my lips with Juviderm XL. 💉 There is no down time for this procedure. I was able to apply makeup immediately after the doctor finished injecting me, even though as you can see, I'm still a little swollen. But the swelling usually goes down a few days after the procedure. If you're interested in visiting Dr. Thomassen in Miami, make sure to call his office and mention my name for $100 any fillers over $500! PS - If you have any questions regarding either one or these procedures, ask me in the comment section and I'll get back to to you. xo

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Luego de ver este video en las redes de Alexa Dellanos, todos queríamos saber qué pensaba su mamá, la famosa periodista Myrka Dellanos, pues era un poco inusual que una chava de 22 años ya se esté inyectando la cara. 

En su visita a El Gordo y la Flaca, Raúl de Molina aprovechó para preguntarle sobre el tema. Ella se limitó a decir que "todas las mujeres lo hacen. Yo me puse ya un poco en los labios, pero no se nota mucho y pienso volverlo a hacer". 

El Gordo de Molina dudó que todo el mundo lo hace, como dijo Myrka y ella lo aseguró: "Muchas mujeres lo hacen y no dicen nada. Mi hija se lo hizo para quitarse las ojeras y también para aumentarse los labios".

¿Qué te parece la respuesta de "mamá gallina"?

📝 note: that's the numbing cream on her lips that helps make this procedure painless. 💥 Look at this bombshell I love Alexa's amazing results with her fillers last week. 💉💉💉💉As we age and begin to stress usually staring around 19-20 we begin to create horrid under eye bags that make you look dull without any make up on 😱 causing you to stress even more. The under eye bags create a very tired aged appearance the correction of the bags via fillers will make you look young and vibrant... take @alexadellanos although very beautiful- her eyes were making her look tired and quite frankly older. Now with her under bags filled she looks younger refreshed and beautiful (even more so than she already was, who knew that was even possible). The lip fillers created a more full lip without the need for excessive liner. These fillers make you look gorgeous without make up on and honestly complement the beauty you already have. There's no age limit (over 18 of course) and there's no downtime. If you work way too hard and you're tired of the "dead zombie" look without make up then this is definitely the treatment you need. The results vary and last 5-7 months. 💉💉💉💉 💵Average Cost: $650-$1000 (depends on choice of product Voluma is $1000 while almost everything else is $650) #lipaugmentation #happypatient #botox #nomakeup #nowrinkles #restylane #lip #derma #filler #enhancement #antiaging #youth #healthy #juvaderm #motivate #bodytreatments #medicalspa #laserhairremoval #botoxfiller #skincare #justwantedtogoabitbigger #fashion #makeover #reverseaging #models #miamibotox #nowrinkles

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