Myrka Dellanos Recordó el Abuso que la hizo Perder Millones

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I debated posting this because of the risk of opening old wounds. However, the cause of sexual abuse and the mistreatment of women is such a huge problem that I feel the weight of responsibility to say #metoo. • I stand with all women who have been treated less than what they deserve; women who have been abused in the entertainment industry and in all realms of society from the horrors of human trafficking to the sexy girl in the office who has her boss expecting something “more” than work from her to get ahead. • Less than 10 years ago, I lost millions of dollars in contracts because I was part of a “scandal” of physical abuse where I was the victim, and a man was the aggressor. Even though he was arrested and declared guilty as charged, I lost my contracts and was ridiculed on national and international media because I dared to call the police! Very few people came to my defense. What is wrong with our society? • I have forgiven and moved on and do not consider myself a victim but I stand arm in arm with so many other women that today are sexually assaulted, mistreated physically and emotionally and feel the pressure to stay quiet and endure their pain in isolation. If you only knew how many women DM me here because they are desperate! • I want to tell these women- “I don’t care how long it took for you to speak up! I believe you and I stand with you! Your heartbreak and what you have suffered matters!” • Thank you to all the women and men who chose to wear black today at The Golden Globes. We all must work together, men and women, to forge a better society. • And men!!!! We need you too! I’d like for men to commit to calling other men out that act in a less than gentlemanly way with women in their presence and go as far as shutting them down when they even speak in a sexual way about women. It’s not funny and it hurts our world as a whole. Speak up! Stand up! 🖤

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Debatí publicar esto por el riesgo de abrir viejas heridas. Sin embargo, la causa del abuso sexual y el maltrato a las mujeres es un problema tan grande que siento el peso de la responsabilidad de decir #metoo. 

Estoy de parte de todas las mujeres que han sido tratadas menos de lo que merecen; mujeres que han sido abusadas en la industria del entretenimiento y en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad, desde los horrores de la trata de personas hasta la chica sexy en la oficina que tiene a su jefe esperando algo "más" que trabajar para salir adelante. 

Hace menos de 10 años, perdí millones de dólares en contratos porque era parte de un "escándalo" de abuso físico en el que yo era la víctima, y un hombre era el agresor. 

A pesar de que él fue arrestado y declarado culpable de los cargos, perdí mis contratos y me ridiculizaron en medios nacionales e internacionales porque me atreví a llamar a la policía. Muy pocas personas salieron en mi defensa. ¿Qué está mal con nuestra sociedad? 

He perdonado y seguí adelante y no me considero una víctima, pero estoy codo con codo con tantas otras mujeres que hoy son sexualmente agredidas, maltratadas física y emocionalmente y sienten la presión de permanecer calladas y soportar su dolor en aislamiento. 

¡Si supieras cuántas mujeres me han dejado mensajes en DM aquí porque están desesperadas! 

Quiero decirle a estas mujeres: "¡No me importa cuánto tiempo tardó en hablar! ¡Creo en ti y yo te apoyo!

¡Su angustia y lo que has sufrido es importante! "•Gracias a todas las mujeres y hombres que eligieron usar negro hoy en The Golden Globes. Todos debemos trabajar juntos, hombres y mujeres, para forjar una sociedad mejor. •¡Y hombres! ¡Te necesitamos a ti también!

Me gustaría que los hombres se comprometan a llamar a otros hombres que actúen de una manera menos que caballerosa con las mujeres en su presencia e ir tan lejos como cerrarlas cuando incluso hablan de forma sexual sobre las mujeres.No es gracioso y duele nuestro mundo como un todo.

2018 ••• You are a blank canvas right now. My hope is that with every choice I make beginning today, I will color the people around me, my community and my part of the world with more love, more grace, more forgiveness and more inclusiveness. • There’s something so magical and hopeful about a new beginning! For the cynics, I realize one calendar year and another are separted by one second in time. However, it brings newness to our lives and and an anticipation of better things which could be right around the corner. • I pray to have the open heart of a child but to guard it with the wisdom of Solomon. Our life springs forth from our heart and oh! how I’ve given it away in the worst of circumstances just to have it be mistreated and unappreciated. However, I will not hold on to regret but accept this beginning as the birth of something grand and exciting! I want to believe with childlike faith every single day of 2018 and marvel at what my God can do with my wholehearted surrender! • The next 364 days will be epic because God is a God of miracles and He does the unexpected and uses the forgotten time and time again! • Cheers to all of you who feel you have been left behind, forgotten, unloved or trampled on....things can change in a heartbeat! This is a time of renewed faith and renewed expectations. • Dream big my friends because in the twinkling of an eye, those 364 days will be gone and you’ll want to have used them well. • I declare God’s abundant blessings on every person who reads this and believes in second, third, fourth and a million chances! • Jude 1:2 is my verse for 2018! It says, “Relax, everything's going to be all right; rest, everything's coming together; open your hearts, Love is on the way! 🖤 Let’s do this! Who’s with me?

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