Hija De Carlos Vives Desnuda En Los Redes

por K Marie -

Si no conoces a Lucy Vives, ella es la hermosa hija del famoso Carlos Vives...

hoy solamente pensando en mi orgullo , mi privilegio, y mis bendiciones. pasamos mucho tiempo en el pasado, mucho tiempo lamentándonos, yo misma dejo de vivir tantas veces al día por mi adición al tiempo. gracias por siempre recordarnos lo importante que es cuando #vives. @carlosvives 📸 @bunsandrosses

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Ella tiene 22 años y esta hermosa!!!!

OOHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! • so i fucking designed a (pair of) jeans and i guess they're actually coming out today ... like for sale.. at like a real store n stuff ... a lot of them actually... every seven seven to be exact... y seria un placer, un honor y un orgullo para mi ver a TODO EL MUNDO QUE ESTE EN BOGOTÁ, HOY a las 5pm en la tienda @sevenseven de la Calle 82 • 💄@nadiakosh • come grab a pair , come gimme a kiss, come tell me the jeans look fucking terrible, whatever ur feeling, come through n lemme know face to face later 💙• #thelucy77

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Acabamos de ver varias fotos en sus redes sociales, y parece que ella esta super comoda tirando fotos sin ropa.  En mi opinion, no se ve mal, se ve super artistico!

@creativerehabnyc • happy saturday y’all.. last night i almost poked my eye out in my sleep • i missed the beautiful embrace of nudity and a lovely man with a polaroid in new york reminded me yesterday of my first day playing with film in new york, with nothing but skin and self to offer...

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Es como si ella no le de importancia a opiniones y gente criticando...

woman vs. human • as a young girl i was taught the importance of posture. i was taught ballet and was, luckily, born in a time and place that encouraged primary and even secondary education for young girls. actually, it enforced it. i came to appreciate education and books as quickly as i realized that it was a privilege many women before me didn’t have • during the elizabethan era, it became attractive for women to have private tutors teach them how to be considered cultured and respected in a wealth driven society. a little literature, sometimes a foreign language, a crazy instrument, and , always , how to be a lovely dance partner and mother is what being a woman’s been about. i was even sent to cooking class as a kid. imagine that... a soon to be perfectly maleable, and docile creature for whoever had the privilege to claim me. honestly, as im writing this, i even fantasize about poise and chivalry a little here n there... but as i continue to think about the root of things, i see clearly that even cultured / educated women were and are desirable for a reason. they’re either fascinating, or proof that their families could afford to get the girl someone to teach her a few poems and even have enough time and money to practice the piano daily. wouldn’t that make her a catch? a lovely mother? a wonderfully dependent wife? the truth is, even as the woman’s role evolved, the intention and purpose of her development and standard stayed the same. true, inner freedom for women flourished at such a slow rate, that women lost sight of their unique individuality. their very own potential to grow. we thought our whole happiness and our whole lives would, essentially, be crap unless we were a mom, a great damn mom, and a wife.. a ‘perfect’ wife. these two factors became our limit... our ultimate , our final and our only. it became the definition of our liberation. • a thought i wanted to share as im rereading the feminine mystique by betty friedan... • people cant really feel the freedom of being human unless they can have real, actual freedom to choose.. to be.. and to want.. themselves. • 📸 @perazna 💄 @katerina_martina

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Pero no se,   I wish I had the courage to do the same, pero pensando en mi padre posiblemente mirando las fotos porque estan en instagram, y mi padre me sigue lol.  NO PUEDOOOO.  No puedo imaginar lo que Carlos esta pensando.  

a frame of skin and a covered nipple • this particular photographer’s been an inspiration to me since I first stumbled upon her work. born in the chocó region of colombia, she’s been a nude photographer since she was barely 15. i don’t care what your taboos are , but if you’re mature and open minded enough to consider the nude body, the way i’ve debated so many times before, an instrument of art, melissa is a truly admirable woman of talent. her story is one of perseverance, courage, drive and, above everything, love. love for what she does and cosistency in perfecting her craft. @perazna gracias por las conversaciones, gracias por compartir esa pasión por la mujer y la igualdad en nuestra sociedad, eres un super poder femenino. we had a dope morning at my house doin lucy house things. stay tuned. gracias por acompañarme en una mañana bogotana y capturar algunos momenticos caseros • y a nuestra hermosa MUA @katerina_martina

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