DJ Khaled Gave Us The Keys to His Success & "Being Great"!

DJ Khaled came into the Southwest Sound Stage at 103.5 The Beat to give us his KEYS!

DJ Khaled talked about his collaboration for "Top Off" with Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Future PLUS gives details on who he wants to work with next! There was nothing but love and positivity in the room as he explained his keys to success including working hard, blocking out the 'they' and always striving to being the best you can be. 

Not only did DJ Khaled give us his tips and tricks, he showed us that actions speak louder than words when he got FaceTime from Asahd mid interview!! They called right as he was talking about how important it is to surround yourself with & take time for the people you love. The love he gave his son and wife was one of the best things we've seen in our studios...ever. 

DJ Khaled is always authentic. His positivity and belief in being great is contagious.  Our lucky listeners got to witness it all first he would say, we were all 'blessed' today.

Thank you SO MUCH to DJ Khaled for coming to our Southwest Sound Stage at 103.5 The Beat! 

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