Porque Pastor que fue mentor de Justin Bieber no lo felicita por compromiso

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Justin Bieber cambio su vida y se convirtió en un hombre cristiano seguidor de Dios gracias a Carl Lentz, el pastor de la iglesia de Hillsong, que hasta hace poco era mentor inseparable de Justin Bieber.   Al parecer no ha felicitado al cantante por su compromiso con la modelo Hailey Baldwin, y todo apunta a que tuvieron una fuerte pelea, de acuerdo a TMZ.com.

Lentz estuvo en Sydney, Australia el viernes cuando le preguntaron acerca del compromiso de Justin Bieber, y el pastor se mostró muy incómodo con la pregunta.  Si leemos el lenguaje corporal nos damos cuenta de que no parece aprobar del compromiso, pero esto es simplemente basado en su comportamiento as escuchar la pregunta.

Fuentes cercanas a Justin revelaron que el cantante canadiense  se enojó con Lentz hace un tiempo y rompió relaciones con el pastor.

Excited to be speaking to our Kingdom Builders tonight @hillsongnyc... Some of the most consistent and faithful people I have ever been around! It takes many, to continue to promote the available grace of God, which is no respecter of persons. That's the tricky thing about life..We desperately want to classify people in our minds. The picture above, demonstrates this well. Because these individuals are "well known", immediately it will elicit reactions..mostly harsh, because it's easier/lazy to classify that which you can't fully understand, than to pursue depth and reasoning. Projecting insecurity and bad motives is a full time job for too many people..If they were not "well known"? Much more palatable for people! Why? Because we classify that as well and are not threatened by things that fit neatly into our ready made classification prism. My point? We can't dispense grace or love how WE WANT. We must as GOD SAYS! I for one, am grateful for that. Don't deserve an ounce of the ocean of grace God has given me...Somebody once told me "humility is the great mediator. It will always be the shortest distance between you and another human being." Should make it really easy for all of us who claim to follow Jesus, to show grace and love exactly how we were given it: freely and quickly, regardless of our SHARED, INHERENT "class". Sinners... grace?? It changes the story..Have a great Thursday! #occupyallstreets #weezyandbeezy #throwback #whatatimetobealive #idontwritebooks #justlongcaptions #feelsright

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