Restaurant Partners Helping Heroes (RPHH)

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The Tijuana Flats Just In Queso Foundation was inspired by the heroic work of our front line emergency and medical personnel. We heard astounding stories of doctors, nurses and therapists working nonstop in the fight against COVID-19. We’ve been inspired by the men and women tirelessly serving their communities as fire fighters, paramedics and police officers and our hearts have been warmed by the kind staff members in nursing homes and assisted living facilities as they spend their days with our loved ones when we are not allowed to visit. These heroes are giving their all every day to love, support and care for our community and we want to be able to make their lives a little easier and a little brighter.   

Restaurant Partners Helping Heroes (RPHH) came about amid the COVID-19 crisis and through our inspiration of our local heroes. On National Burrito Day, April 2nd, Tijuana Flats donated and delivered more than 1000 burritos to hospitals employees across Florida. Since then, the Just In Queso Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, has built upon this idea. We are now partnering with various restaurants across the state of Florida to collect donations, purchase food and delivered to our front-line heroes.   

As we work together to feed our local heroes, we are asking you, our neighbors, friends and the greater community to join us in supporting these front-line heroes. Please make your tax-deductible donation securely through Go-Fund-Me, your donation will be used to purchase meals for our front-line heroes across the state of Florida. 

Join us as we serve our heroes!