Born in 1986 in the city of Havana, Ramon Lavado Martinez, alias El Chacal, began to get involved in the blooming hip-hop scene of the island at an early age, and soon became one of its most prolific young talents.

In 2003, he stopped his studies to focus on his professional career by forming his own band, Los Chivos, with fellow Cuban rapper Señor Rodriguez. After 3 years of extensive touring, Martinez was asked by the famous Cubaton musician Baby Lores to replace his friend Insurrecto in the band Clan 537. With the band, Martinez instantly became one of the major players of the Cubaton movement, with popular songs like “Ella Se Va De Control” and “Chica Modelo”. His numerous successful collaborations with some of the greatest artists of the scene, like Eddy K and Yulien Oviedo gave him the confidence to branch out as a solo artist in 2009.

That same year Hitow Entertainment signed him, where he quickly put out his first solo album Reporte. His sophomore album, El Clave followed in 2011. Featuring critically acclaimed songs such as Masi, La Corrupcion and No Te Vayas.

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