TOP 5 Colombian Artists Changing The Stigma Of Medellin

When you heard of the location Medellín Colombia, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people would say drugs, or Pablo Escobar. The history of Medellín Colombia has an ugly past with logs of death and sadness. Pablo Escobar reportedly 4,000 people during his time with the Medellín cartel.

But now there is something changing that stigma, and it's music. There are so many Colombian artists that are putting Medellín on the map, but this time for the right reasons. Each of these artists have vocalized their pride in representing Medellín and have really started to change the way people look at the city.

Let's take a look at some of those artists that are helping make that change. First is J Balvin, who is one of the top Latin artists of all time. He has a laundry list of hit songs, and was even recently invited to the Ellen Degeneres show during one of her final episodes.

Karol G, who in my opinion could be named the queen of Medellín is on FIRE! She has been putting one hit out after another and even recently performed at Coachella with beautiful outfits in the colors of the Colombian flag.

Camilo is a Colombian artist that more recently hit the scene after his hit song TúTú came out and was a complete success. He is known for his handlebar mustache and just had his baby girl Indigo.

Maluma...I mean where do we even start. He is not new to the game, and has really worked his butt off to get to where he is now. He like Balvin is constantly on tour, or performing at packed arenas. He even was recently dabbling in acting and was in the new movie with JLO called "Marry Me."

And Sebastian Yatra is someone who has really taken his career to new heights when he sang one of the most incredible songs in the movie Encanto. He sings Dos Oruguitas, and even sang that song live at the 94th Academy Awards.

I think that when people now thing of Medellín Colombia, they are not thinking of Pablo Escobar. These artists, all who were born and raised in Medellín, are changing that stigma through music. They are all crossing over and doing music even with anglo artists really putting their city on the map musically.


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