Pfizer inicia un nuevo ensayo de vacuna con mujeres embarazadas

La compañía Pfizer anunciaron que iban a empezar ensayos con mujeres embarazadas y la vacuna del COVID-19. El ensayo incluye 4,000 mujeres que tienen de 24 a 34 semanas en sus embarazos.

The company will give the women 2 doses of the vaccine 3 weeks apart. Van a seguir las mujeres para 7 a 10 meses después para saber cómo están las madres y sus hijos y si hay cualquier efecto. También van a hacer exámenes a los bebes cuando nacen to see if they have the antibodies against COVID-19.

“We are proud to start this study in pregnant women and continue to gather the evidence on safety and efficacy to potentially support the use of the vaccine by important subpopulations,” said William Gruber M.D., Senior Vice President of Vaccine Clinical Research and Development, Pfizer. “Pregnant women have an increased risk of complications and developing severe COVID-19, which is why it is critical that we develop a vaccine that is safe and effective for this population. We are deeply thankful to the volunteers who are enrolling in the trial and site investigators who are leading this work.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not advised pregnant women to avoid getting the vaccine. The agency said that it is a personal decision, and pregnant women should speak with their doctor about the potential risks of getting vaccinated. While there is evidence that contracting COVID-19 while pregnant can lead to complications, the two vaccines currently approved for emergency use in the United States do not contain the live virus and cannot give someone COVID-19.

De verdad no puedo imaginar haciendo la vacuna mientras embarazada. Creo que si estaba embarazada y espero.

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