has earned a reputation in the radio industry as someone whobrings a fresh dynamic sense to any radio show or day-part, keeping the audience engaged with up to date content &Delivering aesthetic appeal to audio entertainment.

He began on air regularly at the age of fifteen in Orlando Fl. By the age of 19 he went viral with his dynamic personalityand ended up at the age of 21 in the #1 radio market NY

talking to the biggest audience in the radio industry ushering inThe huge explosion of latin urban music to the mainstream outlets.

The talents carried by this individual has given him theAbility to dominate all of the day parts assigned by a radio station from mornings to evening drive.

YAKO loves music,image production & favorite past times include the occasional game of poker, theological literature, running, strength training& meditation at the beach.

a strong cup of coffee or two or three cannot be out of the picture.

Listen to YAKO

On TU 949 WZTU Miami Beach & MIA 92-1 WRLX West Palm Beach
iHeart Radio National "Donde Viven Tus Hits"






Q & A

· DJ Name- Yako

· Favorite Song? all EDM songs from Kaskade & Deadmau5

· Favorite Food? Lean Ground Turkey, Salmon, Plantains & Almond Butter!!

· Favorite Movie? StarWars all of them

· Favorite Season? Spring

· Craziest Thing You’ve Done? Too many to state, but I'm going to say Whitewater Rafting in NC almost died.

· Most memorable life moment? When I found out I had supernatural powers

· Favorite Artist - Kaskade

· If you could bring back one musical artist from the dead who would it be? Michael Jackson

· When did you discover you wanted to be on radio? When I was 8 years old.

· How long have you been on radio? 20 Years

· Where do you see yourself in 5 years? On a Yacht reminiscing on how will I see my self in the next 5 years.

· What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas

· Where is your dream destination? Swiss Alps - Switzerland & Greece

· Who is your inspiration? My Mother

· Favorite quote? Never stop believing

· Most embarrassing moment as a DJ - I was locked out of the radio station with the song ending and nothing coming next, so we we're off the air for the next hour until someone came to open up the studio door.

· Best accomplishment - Getting in shape & being the most healthy.